Viva Florida 500 with Children of Florida Migrant Workers

Children holding Viva poster

Brothers Roman (left) and Manuel Zavala (right) are children of farm workers in Orange County who took part in the Viva Florida 500 project.  Photo provided by Lilly Carrasquillo.

In the summer of 2013, Orange County Public Schools Migrant Education Program employee Lilly Carrasquillo, Mexican folklorist and Panhandle Area Education Consortium employee, David Peñaflor, and the general coordinator for the Farm Worker Association in Apopka, Tirso Moreno, joined together to bring Viva Florida 500 to children whose parents were taking GED adult education classes in Central Florida.

During activities presented, children listened to stories about Florida and responded by producing art and craft projects related to the reading material. Some children attended the Farm Worker Association Saturday classes in Apopka, while others learned in their own home – this setting also caught the attention of the parents allowing them to learn more about Florida’s history and cultural heritage.This project was a wonderful experience for the migrant population in Florida. Children demonstrated interest in learning about Florida and they genuinely enjoyed taking part in the Viva Florida 500 anniversary year. It is something they will remember forever.