Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preseve (Fort Caroline National Memorial)


Kingsley Plantation



12713 Fort Caroline Road
Jacksonville, FL 32225






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Three thousand miles from the European courts, a struggle for control of Florida and the Indies played out near the mouth of what is today the St. Johns River. Spain and France both established settlements and fortifications in an effort to control territory and shipping lanes in the Americas. In the 1560s, France attempted to establish a colony named ‚"La Caroline‚" or Land of Charles (after Charles the IX) that included a small fort at the mouth of the St. Johns River as a tenuous but threatening outpost to the Spanish shipping lanes. French expeditions to Florida under command of Jean Ribault and Renè Goulaine de Laudonnière not only sought a foot-hold in the Spanish Indies, they also spread the intense religious conflict between French Protestants and Spanish Catholics as well.

Here you can also explore the grounds at Kingsley Plantation, which include the slave quarters, barn, waterfront, plantation house, kitchen house, and interpretive garden. The visitor contact station and bookstore are located in a 1920s building adjacent to the plantation buildings. The plantation house is open for tours on a limited basis. Please call for information and reservations. A ranger program is offered daily at 2:00 p.m., please inquire at the visitor contact station.