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The first railroad chartered by the Florida territorial government in 1831, the Leon Railway Company became the Tallahassee Railroad Company in 1834, and was the first rail line to begin construction in the state. In 1837, the route between Tallahassee and the port of St. Marks was completed. The railroad served the Confederacy during the Civil War in the transportation of troops, supplies, and munitions between Tallahassee, Camp Leon, Camp Simkins, and St. Marks. Perhaps its greatest contribution came in March 1865, with the quick transport of troops from Tallahassee south to defensive positions at Natural Bridge. This timely arrival of men played a crucial role in the Confederate defeat of the invading Union force. In the 1980s, the rail line was abandoned and purchased by the State of Florida. The segment between Capital Circle and St. Marks became Florida’s first state rail trail.