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The Florida Agricultural Museum preserves heritage livestock breeds of Iberian descent. We own herds of Florida Cracker Horses and Cattle, both of which are among the rarest livestock breeds in existence today. The Museum offers tours of the Strawn Citrus Complex from the 1930s, the Clark Homestead and Traxler Store from the 1890s. The Black Cowboys exhibit can be visited in Espanola building. We also offer horseback riding on guided trail rides, equestrian camping, kayak tours of Pellicer Creek, an outstanding Florida waterway. Visitors are greeted by Sally the farm dog and children can collect eggs, feed the cattle, horses, pigs, and other livestock. Visitors can also tour John Hewitt's water powered sawmill archaeological site that operated from 1770 to 1813. Tours are given on tractor pulled trams and the museum is accessible to all.